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Quality Control

What are the quality commitments of the service?

  • Ensure telephone service coverage at a level not less than 93%, so that at least this percentage of incoming calls are answered during the entire operating hours of the service.
  • Achieve user waiting times of less than 20 seconds in 85% of cases and in no more than 1% of cases more than 30 seconds.
  • Not exceed 3% in the call abandonment rate.
  • Effectively resolve user demands regarding the services provided.
  • Convey to the user the purpose of being at their service. 
  • Consolidate the customer-oriented culture in their dealings with the Consortia.
  • Gain users' trust in the service. Increase the number of service users.

Quality Reports

Choose the report you wish to consult (since December 2006):

Monthly Report

Annual report