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User support

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Your Operations with the Consortium

The Seville Transport Consortium, as a key entity in the mobility of the city and its surroundings, strives to provide accessible and efficient tools for its users. Aware of the changing dynamics of everyday life, we have developed a nimble system for making purchases and managing cancellations. These procedures are designed with the comfort and flexibility our passengers need in mind. It's important to familiarize yourself with these operations to maximize the benefits we offer. Whether you're purchasing a ticket or managing changes to your itinerary, our goal is to provide clarity and simplicity at every step. We invite you to continue, to fully understand how to make the most of our services.

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User Service Offices

The Seville Transport Consortium's user service offices serve as the main point of contact for travelers, ensuring clear answers and quick solutions to their concerns. In this space, Seville's commitment to optimal mobility and user satisfaction is realized through attentive and specialized service.

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User Associations

The user associations of Seville represent the active and committed voice of passengers, working together to improve mobility experience in the city. These organizations reflect the passion and commitment of the Sevillian community for efficient, accessible, and sustainable transportation.

Autobús para sillas eléctricas

Access to the bus with electric wheelchairs

To access the bus with electric wheelchair-type scooters, it will be necessary to obtain an accreditation card. To do this, you must submit a duly completed application, along with the documentation specified in section 5.3 of the protocol.

Complaints and Suggestions

Send us your request for information, suggestion, complaint, or claim about the Transport Consortium or our website through our contact form.

The suggestion or complaint made will not, in any case, be considered an administrative recourse, administrative claim, or liability claim, nor will it halt the deadlines established by current regulations to file them.

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Commitment to Quality 

At the Metropolitan Transport Consortium of Seville, our commitment to quality is fundamental to providing exceptional service to all our users. We are dedicated to offering safe, efficient, and reliable transportation, meeting and exceeding the expectations of our passengers. Continuous improvement and innovation in our services are pillars of our operation, ensuring that each journey is a pleasant and satisfactory experience. We are committed to maintaining high standards in all our operations, from accessibility to punctuality and comfort. Our goal is to be a model of excellence in metropolitan transportation, ensuring that Seville remains connected and moving effectively and sustainably.