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Large family card

Tarjeta familia numerosa

The large family card allows for a discount on the travel price with the card of 50% for special category large families, and 20% for general category large families. This benefit is applied through bonuses on top-ups.

Every member of the household can have a large family card. This card is for personal use and cannot be transferred, so it has the user's photo, name, ID number, and type of large family printed on it.

Required Documentation

To obtain the large family card, it's necessary to fill out one of the forms, along with the following documentation:

  • Original ID of the applicant/s, except for minors who do not yet have one.
  • Passport-sized photograph/s, except for renewals that do not require a change of photo.
  • Original large family card/s or original large family title/s, which must be valid both for the first application and for subsequent renewals.
  • In the case of minors, the application must be signed by the father, mother, or guardian accompanied by a photocopy of the signer's ID.

For minors, the application must be signed by the father, mother, or guardian, accompanied by a photocopy of the signer's ID.

Online Application

You can apply for or renew your card conveniently without the need to visit our offices using the online form. Remember that you will need to attach the required documents (ID, photo, and large family title), so it's recommended to scan them before starting to fill out the form. You can include as many family unit members as you wish in the application.

Access the online application and renewal form for large family discounts: [Access]

In-Person Application

You can apply for the card at our customer service offices (Plaza de Armas Bus Station or Puerta Jerez Metro Station) by presenting the printed form and the original documentation. You can pick up and fill out the form at the offices themselves.

You can also download and fill it out in advance from one of these links:

  • Individual form, to apply for a single card. [Download]
  • Collective form, to apply for cards for several family unit members. [Download]

Other Important Considerations

If the card is picked up by someone other than the cardholder, they must present an authorization from the cardholder. Download a template here. [Download]

In the event of malfunction or breakage, it's essential to hand in the old card when picking up the new one.

To continue using the card after the large family title has expired, it will be necessary to visit one of the user service offices of the Consortium, where the balance will be transferred to a non-personalized card.