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Tarjeta de transporte

The Metropolitan Transport Plan of the Seville Area: Sustainable Mobility Plan establishes a series of guidelines for the organization and coordination of the elements that make up the Metropolitan Transport System. Within these guidelines, and in the section related to the tariff framework, it indicates that "there will be, at least, one title usable in all modes of metropolitan transport. The support for this title must allow and expedite the operations of obtaining, reloading, and canceling, while also improving the commercial speed of the services, facilitating modal interchange. The Metropolitan Transport Consortium of the Seville Area will be the body responsible for the direct management of all existing multimodal titles.

In compliance with this guideline, the Consortium's transport card was created, which can currently be used as a transport ticket on the Metropolitan Bus network, Line 1 of the Seville Metro, and the urban buses of Seville (TUSSAM - except for special services and the airport - and Metrocentro), Dos Hermanas, Alcalá de Guadaíra, La Rinconada, and Mairena del Alcor.

User Guide

How to obtain it: The card can be obtained at authorized establishments by paying a €1.50 deposit, which will be refunded if you stop using the card within a year of its activation, it is in good condition, and it does not have a negative balance.

How much to recharge: You can recharge from €5 up to a maximum of €500.

Card balance expiration and reimbursement: The card's balance never expires. However, it is not refundable if you decide to stop using it and/or return it. Therefore, if you opt for the latter, it is advisable to use up the balance before returning it.

Where it can be used: Currently, the card allows you to travel and make transfers on the metropolitan bus network and from this to Line 1 of the Seville Metro and urban transport in Seville (TUSSAM -except for special services and the airport- and Metrocentro), Dos Hermanas, Alcalá de Guadaíra, La Rinconada, Mairena del Alcor, and vice versa.

Transfers: The transfer regime with the transport card is as follows:

  • The current system of zones and leaps, titles, and rates is valid exclusively for metropolitan buses, which are the only ones where the Consortium has assumed competencies.
  • Each mode of transport has its own tariff and zonal structure, if applicable, approved by the competent bodies managing it.
  • Intermodal transfers are favored with a discount on the rate of each mode according to the following formula: TRANSFER COST = COST OF 2nd STAGE - (COST OF 1st + 2nd STAGE) * % DISCOUNT (up to 20%, depending on the mode).
  • The second and subsequent transfers, within a period of 120 minutes from the first validation, are credited with the same discount percentage.

Simple stages: The stages in these modes that are not considered transfers will be carried out according to the current rate for each mode.

Other advantages of the card:

  • It can be used in other metropolitan areas with an integrated fare system.
  • In the RENFE Commuter Network of Cádiz. In the rest of the Commuter Networks of Andalusia, it will be implemented progressively, and for now, it can be used as a means of payment to purchase the tickets available in the self-service machines at RENFE Commuter stations, including single and round-trip tickets.
  • Access to a bicycle from the bus+bike service until the bicycle fleet is complete, in accordance with the service's operating rules.
  • Free recharge of your electric scooters at the charging station installed for this purpose in the bike parking of the Bus+Bike service, located at the Plaza de Armas Bus Station.

Download the user guide in PDF format [Download]

Recharge Queries

Obtain information about the recharges of your transport card in the last 10, 15, or 30 days from the date of the query. To do this, you must have an email address, enter the number of your card located on the bottom right of it, select the query period, and enter the validation code indicated by the query form. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email with the requested information.

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You may exercise the rights of access, cancellation, opposition or rectification, personally at our Human Resources department or through written communication, accompanied by a copy of your national identity document, addressed to Metropolitan Transport Consortium, Seville Area, Avda. Cristo de la Expiración, 2 41001 Sevilla.